We offer large scale PVP conquest/tactical gaming with an active player base reaching 200 and over in our events.

Our events or campaigns span from WW2 to Modern warfare in epic scale with multiple Military Simulators units entering and working independently as a bigger team against a rival faction to secure objectives on a variety of large scale matches.

Unit commanders must lead their team and communicate with other commanders in their faction to plan organise and win the day by capturing objectives that will help their struggle in eliminating of the enemy team.

Capturing objectives gives the players extra resources e.g. ammo, medical supplies, fuel and vehicles that can help a team win the day.

Our events offer enjoyment to all with Air land and sea all used to simulate warfare on a epic scale, Each of the 3 wings ‘’AIR, LAND, SEA’’ have many roles that need to be filled e.g. Mechanize Infantry, Tank squadrons, just to name some and plenty of chances for your unit to show its skill and play its specialized role.

Operation REDBEAR